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Икона и церковное пение

Икона и церковное пение

Protodeacon Jean Drobot-Tikhonitsky

Born in 1957 in the family of Archpriest George Nikolaevich Drobot and Mariamna Elpidiforovna nee Tikhonitsky.

From the age of seven he assisted in the altar during services at the St. Sergius Church at the Theological Institute in Paris and at the age of 17 he joined the church choir. He sang in the choir under the direction of Nikolai Mikhailovich Osorgin. In 1977 he joined the "Big Choir" (concert choir) at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris under the direction of Eugene Ivanovich Evets. Since 1978, he served as an assistant choir master in the church of St. Constantine and Helena in Clamart near Paris. In 1979, he was tonsured a reader. In 1987, he created the male choir named after St. Romanos the Melodist. The choir sang divine services on Saturday and Sunday in the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral once a month and performed at concerts of sacred music. In 1995 Ioann became a singer in the church choir of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral under the direction of Vasily Evgenievich Evets. Since 2000, for three years, he participated in the preparation and conducting of the “ideal all-night Vigil” in St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. He was ordained a deacon on June 10th, 2012. Now Fr. Ioann is the protodeacon of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris. He is an author of articles on Russian church chants in Russian, French and English. He is vice chairman of the Society of Adherents for Church Singing.

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