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Singing and religious ceremonies of the Russian Tsarist court (first half of 17 c.)

Singing and religious ceremonies of the Russian Tsarist court (first half of 17 c.)

Material is prepared by Dr. Svetlana G. Zvereva

Presented in English by George Lapshynov


Dr. Svetlana Zvereva graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire and completed her postgraduate dissertation at the State Institute for the Study of the Arts in Moscow, where she has been working since 1987, and as a Senior Research Fellow since 1997. She defended her doctoral thesis in 1988 on the topic of "Russian choirs and singing masters from the end of the 15th to the middle of the 17th centuries", under the supervision of Y.V. Keldysh. She participated in the writing and editing of academic publications such as "The History of Russian Music" (10 volumes, Moscow, from 1998) and "The History of Russian Art" (22 volumes, from 2007). She is also the initiator as well as one of the writers and editors of the project "Russian Sacred Music in Documents and Materials" (10 volumes, Moscow, from 1998). Moreover, she is the author of the monograph «Alexander Kastalsky: His Life and Music» (Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing, 2003). She contributed as scientific editor to the compendium "The Russian Abroad: Music and Orthodoxy" (Moscow, 2013), in collaboration with M.A. Vasilyeva. She is also the author of over 100 peer-reviewed academic articles and is an author and reviewer for the "Orthodox Encyclopaedia".

Over the years, Dr. Zvereva has participated in and advised a number of Russian and international projects related to researching, editing, popularising, and performing Russian sacred music, as well as the safeguarding of Russian cultural heritage.

She is also the initiator and organiser of the First International C.V. Rozov Deacon Art Festival (1992), the Festival for the Sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary of A.D. Kastalsky (which included performances of his pieces in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Glasgow, and London, 2006), the First International "Russian Abroad: Music and Orthodoxy" Conference (2008) and of other festivals and events.

She teaches at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow) (since 2010). From 2009 to 2020, she directed the Russian choir "Russkaya Cappella" in Glasgow, the first nine years of which in collaboration with her husband, Stuart Campbell. She has also sung in Russian church choirs from a young age and directed for a time the choir of the St Kentigern Parish of the Diocese of Sourozh of the Russian Orthodox Church in Glasgow. She is also the founder and director of the Children’s Singing Studio, which is part of the Russian Orthodox School in Glasgow.

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