Online learning


We are launching a set of 11 webinars on various practical topics.

​Webinars will take place every other Thursday from 11th of March at 20:00 CET via Zoom. The duration of each session is 1.5 hours. This time includes the theoretical part and communication with the audience.

Webinars will be in Russian, English and French with synchronous translation.


Participation fee € 6.99 per webinar.

With a one-time registration for 5 or more webinars, a 20% discount of

the total cost is provided.

Payment information:  

Account Name: Russ.-Orth. Kirchengemeinde AECMC         
IBAN: DE63384500001000546281                
BIC: WELADED1GMB                      
Bank Name: Sparkasse Gummersbach         
Bank Address: Kölner Str. 236-238 51702 Bergneustadt


While arranging a bank transfer please put the reference “Webinars”.

Another aspect of our activity is the provision of online learning opportunities, a quickly developing area in today's world. The AECMC offers various options to enrich your knowledge in theoretical and practical matters of Russian Orthodox liturgical singing.

On this page, we will be sharing  materials for self-teaching, hosting webinars with live discussions, and providing additional online resources as they become available.

The following lectures are already available for you:

Protodeacon Jean Drobot "Icon and Church Singing" (in Russian)


Dr. Aleksandr A. Andreev "History of the Typicon in the Russian Church" (in Russian)


Dr. Svetlana G. Zvereva "Singing and religious ceremonies of the Russian Tsarist court in  the first half of the 17th century" (in English)


Dr. Aleksandr G. Kravetsky and Dr. Aleksandra A. Pletneva "Church Slavonic Writing: Historical Review" (3 lectures in Russian)

  1. The first centuries of the existence of the Church Slavonic language: Moravia, Bulgaria, Ancient Russia.

  2. Church Slavonic books in the Synodal period of Russian church history.

  3. Church Slavonic language in the XX-XXI centuries.

In the near future, the preparation and release of the following lectures are planned, which will be available online on our website:

Theme: "Choir in Orthodox worship":

            1. Choir. Is it required for the service?
            2. Choir Master - leader of the choir
            3. The singer at the church
            4. Choral methods
            5. Practical advices to choir master