AECMC Webinars

Winter 2022

We welcome you to our second series of webinars!

"Nativity Fast and features of the services of this period"

​Dear friends!


While you are registering for our Conference, which will be held in London in January 2023, we invite you to participate in two free webinars, which will be held in December 2022. They will be dedicated to the services of the Christmas period. Each seminar will consist of two parts: theory and musical component. The theoretical part will talk about the structure and construction of the service. The musical part will cover discussions about pieces of music and the manner in which they are performed.


Webinar 1. Royal Hours. December 4, 2022, starts at 20:30.


Webinar 2. Christmas Eve services. December 16, 2022, starts at 20:30.


Both webinars will be held via the Zoom platform. The time indicated is Central European. To register and receive a link to participate, please fill out the form by clicking on the button below: