All-European Church Music Committee

We strive to continue and maintain the best liturgical music traditions while improving the level of choral singing in the European parishes of the Russian Orthodox diaspora

We educate Orthodox choir conductors, singers and readers in the musical traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church. AECMC is part of the ROCOR Synodal Music Commission according to the Synodal decree № 4-2-20 and benefits from archpastoral guidance of Metropolitan Mark of Berlin and Germany and Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe.

The Committee was formed in the wake of the successful Liturgical Music Conference, held in London in January 2020, at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs.  While this was not the first pan-European liturgical music conference organised by ROCOR (there were several such events held in the 1990s in France, in particular at the convent of Lesna in Provemont), it was the first meeting of its kind in twenty-five years, certainly the first after the reunification of the Church Abroad with the Moscow Patriarchate.  As such, the conference was an epochal event, recognised as such by the Synod of Bishops (ROCOR), which blessed the decision of the Synodal Liturgical Music Commission to form a Committee to coordinate future activities in the field of church music in the European dioceses of the Russian Church Abroad.

Acknowledging the delicate balance of inter-jurisdictional relations, the Committee believes it may in fact be in a position to assist in the building of bridges and brotherly relationships, as the field in which we work is entirely without ideology. Based on the experience of the conference in London and other interactions, it is clear that our colleagues across the jurisdictional lines are ready and willing to work with us, for the greater glory of the Church, giving us great hope for joint projects in the future.

Peter Fekula

Member of the Synodal Liturgical Music Commission (ROCOR), coordinator between the Commission and the All-European Church Music Committee. A graduate of the Mannes School Conservatory (New York) and Harvard University. A choir conductor with over forty years experence, and more than three decades of experience organising liturgical music conferences within ROCOR.

Irina du Quenoy

Vice President and Associate Director of the Synodal School of Liturgical Music (ROCOR), Ph.D. in Political Sciences from Georgetown University.

Arseny Kruglov

Choir Master at the cathedral of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God and the Holy Royal Martyrs (London), founder and artistic director of male ensemble Arto Doxo. A graduate of the Valaam Monastery's school (St.-Petersburg) in sacred music and of Synodal School of Liturgical Music (Jordanville). Has been a member of different professional church and secular academic choirs for more than twenty years.

Matfei Malinin

Choir Master at the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross (Geneva), teaches solfege at the Popular Conservatory of Music, Dance and Theater (CPMDT) in Geneva, artistic director of vocal ensemble Malinine, choir director of various collectives in France and Switzerland, member of professional French and Swiss ensembles. A graduate of Geneva High School of Music (HEM) in choir conducting.

Valery Kashlyaev

Choir Master at the church of St. Pantaleon (Cologne), choir director of various collectives, one of the organisers of Liturgical Music Conferences in German diocese. A graduate  of the Moscow Conservatory in choir conducting and choral disciplines.

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