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Core Programme

The core programme spans three years and is based on three annual two-week summer sessions and two years of self-guided study between years of study. The programme leads to three possible certificates, the requirements for which are tailored to the individual interests and abilities of the students: (1) Choir Master, (2) Precentor-Acolyte, (3) Singer. All students are expected to begin the programme on a general basis, subject to pre-testing. During the training, all participants will be given the opportunity to try themselves in different qualities. After the end of the Summer Session of Year 1, students will be placed in one of three tracks, depending on their personal goals, parish circumstances, and level of musical training. The point is not to single out one direction as "better"/“more prestigious”; than the others, but rather to match the needs/abilities of the student with the appropriate pedagogical approach. Allocation will be based on the student's  performance during the first year summer session, as well as interviews with faculty. Given that learning objectives may change, students will be able to switch tracks between Years II and Years III as needed/optimal.

Registration for the new year of study in the summer of 2024 is open!

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